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Turkey (Ministry of Commerce) publishes first annual report on the green deal roadmap.

In order to contribute to Turkey's transition to a sustainable and resource-efficient economy and to adapt to the comprehensive changes envisaged by the European Green Deal, in a way that will preserve and further the integration provided under the Turkey-EU Customs Union, the "Green Consensus Action" will be launched in 2021. Plan" has been published.

In the Action Plan, (1) border carbon regulations, (2) a green and circular economy, (3) green finance, (4) clean, affordable and secure energy supply, (5) sustainable agriculture, (6) sustainable smart transportation, ( Actions to be implemented in order to achieve the targets set under the headings of 7) combating climate change, (8) diplomacy and (9) European Green Deal information and awareness activities were included. In this framework, the Action Plan includes a total of 32 targets and 81 actions under 9 main headings.

Download PDF • 3.26MB

In April 2023, Turkey publishes the "Green Deal Roadmap - Annual Report (2022)", which can be regarded as Turkey's first progress report on the roadmap.

Download PDF • 1.39MB

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