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Kreafin Danışmanlık A.Ş. Akredite Oldu

Kreafin Danışmanlık A.Ş. , Kamu Gözetimi, Muhasebe ve Denetim Standartları  Kurumunun (KGK)  22.05.2024 tarihli kurul kararının, 4 Haziran 2024 tarih ve 32566 sayılı  resmi gazetede yayınlanan "Kurumsal Sürdürülebilirlik Raporlaması Eğitimlerine İlişkin Usul ve Esaslar" ı  nı yerine getirerek, 

Türkiye'nin "Sürdürülebilirlik Raporlaması Eğitimi" vermek üzere akredite edilen ilk kuruluşu olmuştur. 

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Kreafin Consulting Inc. Waiting for you

Kreafin Consulting Inc. We are here to support you in environmental, social and governance issues as you grow your company.  With our proven end-to-end methods, we help you identify the climate risks that you and your company may be exposed to, and identify the most important topics for your company and your customers by conducting impact analysis.

By evaluating your ESG approaches and processes with you, we design action plans specific to your industry for your customers, investors and stakeholders.

We know that improving your ESG approaches and minimizing the impact of climate risks can be achieved with training and capacity building activities, and we offer a wide training catalog from awareness training to technical and reporting trainings to transfer our knowledge to your teams, managers and board of directors.

 In order not to lose your competitive advantage, we inform you with our newsletters about the actions taken by the companies serving in the same sector as you, and the changing legislation in the countries you trade with.

We inform you about sustainable or green capital markets products for your need to access national/international funding sources to align your company with carbon neutral or sustainability principles.

You can be sure that our team will provide the most accurate information on ESG and Climate Risks. Join us now.

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Suadiye, Bagdat Cd. No:399/B, 34740 Kadikoy/Istanbul, Turkey

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