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Are SME's Policies Ready for Sustainable Finance?

SMEs need to write down their processes and policies on environmental and social issues in order to access sustainable and green funds.

Especially in accessing foreign finance, many financing institutions want to see the principles adopted by SME's in environmental and social issues and to ensure that the right companies are funded.

In terms of the general environment, there are two basic policies that SMEs or Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) in which they operate should have.With these policies, the environmental permits, waste management etc. of the companies and OIZs.

On the social side, the procedures and principles regarding the safety, working conditions and wages of the employees at the workplace are specified and must be shared with the public.It should not be forgotten that any policy that has not been made available to the public will not be sufficient in these matters.

After the establishment of these policies, financial institutions are required to carry out on-site audits at least once a year and document this.These on-site audits are carried out on a checklist and must be carried out throughout the financing term.

You can reach Kreafin Danışmanlık A.Ş.'s services on this subject and the related web page by clicking here, and you can contact us for a reliable consultancy to make these preparations as an OIZ or on a company basis.

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