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Access to Sustainable and Green Credits

Kreafin aims to facilitate access to funds by presenting what you need to do for your access to sustainable and green loans, the documents and policies you need to prepare, impact analysis forms, to businesses of all sizes, SMEs and Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ). Organizations receiving this support will have easier access to loans offered by international credit institutions (IFC, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.), and they will be able to advance their processes quickly with the convenience of having the systems and documents required by the banks during the application for funds.

Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS)

Written Policy and Processes

Organizations must have written environmental and social policies in order to benefit from the relevant funds.

Onsite Inspection


In the annual audits, it is necessary to make an evaluation over a checklist.

Exclusion List

Due to their Environmental and Social impacts, some activities are excluded from the relevant funding. These activities are monitored within the scope of NACE codes.

Apply Today and Define Your Roadmap

  • Learn about the policy and processes you need to prepare by applying today.

  • Provide policies and processes that are tailored to minimum requirements and can be easily tailored to your company.

  • Take the points to be considered in your on-site inspections as a checklist.

  • Complete the review of your NACE codes and correct any errors. Find out the environmental risk level of your activities (High, Medium, Low)

  • Complete all these activities today and ensure that you and your business benefit from the high-level funding opportunities offered to our country.

  • ​Contact us now by filling out the contact form.* ​             *Note: Due to high demand, we are only able to serve a limited number of customers. We will enlarge our team as soon as possible, but we would like to thank you for your understanding during our turnaround time.

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