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We provide consultancy and support to you in the formation of policies on how you manage the Environmental and Social Risks requested from you in the loan processes, in the realization of field audits requested by international loan providers, and in the infrastructure that will allow your site audit results to be stored online and in a secure environment and shared with your loan request.

We present your policy set, which is included in the IFC, EBRD and World Bank loan packages, as a template with minimum requirements and we create your policies within a week.

We carry out field audits that both domestic and international funds will routinely request from you every year.

Kreafin Consulting Inc. We keep the field audits and policies carried out with our company in databases specific to your business, and share them with your approval in foreign loan applications mediated by KOSGEB and banks.

Environmental & Social Policies (ESMS)

We call Environmental and Social Policies the written version of how your business is sensitive to the environment, how it is communicated with your employees and the people living in the environment where your business is established, and how their rights and demands are evaluated during the credit utilization of your business.


We present the policies based on the criteria provided by the IFC, EBRD and the World Bank as a template. ​ ​ After this sharing, we clarify how these criteria are actually met with the sessions we will hold with you and present the final version of the policies to your business. After the approvals are completed, the English translations are also completed by us, and be ready to publish on your website and Kreafin Danışmanlık A.Ş. databases. 

After that, all you have to do is to share your website link in your loan application or to allow information sharing with credit institutions on your behalf. ​ ​ In addition to environmental and social risks of your business, you can contact us for the creation of policies covering other risk types (credit, operational and reputational risk) for an effective risk management. ​ ​

On-Site Inspections

Especially for SMEs and Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs), on-site inspections are carried out annually on a specific questionnaire before the loan is used and throughout the maturity of the loan.

It is extremely important for OIZs to manage these inspections from a single source. While the question sets to be used in field inspections are standard, some of them are based on instant observations (such as liquid, odor, waste management) and some are based on numerical data such as environmental penalties and occupational accidents. We share these question sets with you and inform you about the actions you should take for field inspections after the current situation analysis is made.


Kreafin Consulting Inc. established With the enterprise-based database (ESMS-V) , it ensures that the relevant policies of a single enterprise or an entire OIZ, and updated field inspection reports are shared with the lending institution with a single approval.

It makes sure that the information is up-to-date and informs businesses in advance within the scope of continuous updating. It is a solution that prevents the sharing of separate documents in each loan usage, saves costs by preventing the repetition of the relevant field audit within the scope of its validity, and will save you both cost and time as it can be easily shared within the scope of incentives and programs with its capacity to be integrated with public institutions and organizations.

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