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Border Carbon Adjusment Mechanism (CBAM) and Exporters

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

What should companies that will export to the European Union (EU) region pay attention to and how to prepare?

Effective Date of Carbon Border Adjusment Mechanism (CBAM )

How will the taxation be within the scope of CBAM?

CBAM aims to ensure that the emission created by the final product exported is regulated in an emission exchange operating under EU rules or that a taxation for this emission is made in the relevant country within the scope of EU rules.In the absence of these regulations, the product must be taxed on the basis of the carbon price traded on the EU Emissions Exchange.

Current Carbon Pricing at EU-ETS

Although carbon pricing is basically formed in the Emissions Commodity Exchange (EU-ETS), future indices that move with the current price "ECF1!"You can access it online with the symbol.When we look at the calendar from 2022 until today, it is seen that these prices fluctuate between 54 Euros and 97 Euros.

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