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Sürdürülebilirlik Artık Bir Farkındalık Değil, Bir Yetkinlik

The importance of sustainability and the need for actions related to climate risks have been extensively discussed by both organizations and NGOs. However, the question of "how" has often remained at a high-level discourse. The underlying reason for this is the inability of individuals, who believe in sustainability and are concerned about climate risks for future generations, to access the necessary education that can guide them and combine theory with real-life examples.

Let's illustrate this with a specific example. On August 11, 2021, a flood disaster occurred in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu, Turkey ( By watching this example, you will have the chance to see how the disaster unfolded. The awareness of the affected individuals has undoubtedly increased significantly compared to before, but the possibility of their homes being submerged under floodwaters might not have crossed their minds before the event.

It is observed that individuals who have sufficient knowledge about climate risks tend to change their perspectives on events or processes, and they continuously strive to come up with creative solutions to adapt to or mitigate the consequences of climate change.

Companies, manufacturing facilities, and households are highly successful in taking necessary precautions when they understand and are informed about potential challenges.

Building on this reality, Kreafin Consultancy provides support to companies in ensuring the continuity of their production activities, building resilience against physical and transitional risks, and complying with national and international regulations. This support includes not only theoretical knowledge but also insights into industry-specific dynamics and guidance on accessing international funding. If requested, end-to-end system implementation is also offered. One crucial aspect of this support is the capacity-building efforts aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees regarding sustainability and climate-related matters.

To stay competitive in global trade, it is essential to educate your employees on sustainability and climate risks, and establish the necessary systems and processes. Contact us today to take these steps forward.

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